Friday, May 14, 2010

The Journey Thus Far...

Here's a look at my journey thus far:

March- trip to England, orientation in North Carolina where I was officially appointed as a UWM missionary, back to Fort Worth, TX

April- support raising trip to Arkansas (Little Rock, Benton, Arkadelphia), support raising trip to Ruston, LA

May- back in Fort Worth til the 19th then moving back to Harrison, AR

I'm not gonna lie, these past few months have been crazy and super busy BUT amazing! March was the month of answers and a clearer vision. April was the month to begin building up a support team of those who will "go" with me as well as needed affirmation, and May is looking to be the way of preparation. It is always so exciting to see how everything in your life leads to exactly where you are now and where you are going next.

Nothing in life has happened by accident; instead, everything has happened for THIS. This big dream and vision that only comes from the creator.