Monday, January 3, 2011

Where in the world is Jessica McCarty???

Ok, so some of you are probably being reminded right now about the cool tv show from back in the day, "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?" I have not fallen off the face of the earth rather I have been super busy and just not good at this whole updating thing!

New Year's resolution: Update WAYYY more consistently via blog, newsletters, personal contact, etc.

Ok, so here's the update on where I am in my support raising so far:
I have 20% of my monthly support needed and a little over half of my outgoing expenses raised through one time gifts.

This is now what I am asking:
-30 people to commit to $25/mo
-15 people to commit to $50/mo
-5 people to commit to $100/mo

Once this goal has been reached I will be England bound! Well, first I would have to go through 3 months of training in North Carolina...then England bound!

So, to answer the first question, "Where in the world is Jessica McCarty?" - I am currently still residing in Harrison, AR working at the church and continuing to raise support. Please pray for more people to come alongside this ministry through prayer and finances. I know God can provide. I am just getting a little anxious :)