Friday, December 30, 2011

Arrival in England

I arrived in Colchester, England on December 16th at five in the morning! I was just in time for all the Christmas parties, which allowed me to meet several people in the community. The parties consisted of an International students' party at one of the African family's house from the church, a Christmas Carol Service for the entire church and community, and a brunch with the church staff. Another one of the Christmas parties I went to was the youth Christmas party which consisted of swimming in December! There is a nice family in the area who allowed the students to come and use their indoor pool. 

Swimming in England!

On the 21st of December I traveled to Dundee, Scotland by train (it was a beautiful journey) to visit my friends from training this summer, Megan Kibbey and the Stadalsky family. It was really nice to spend Christmas with them and see Scotland! They work with medical students at the university in Dundee, so it was exciting to hear all about their ministry and meet some of their new friends! 
Here are a few pics from my week there:

Edinburgh, Scotland

Christmas at the Stadalsky's in Dundee, Scotland

St. Andrews University in St. Andrews, Scotland 

The Cliffs at Arbroath, Scotland 

I am constantly seeing God's provision and am amazed at how much he truly loves His children. I love being outdoors in God's creation. It is there I am reminded of His beauty and greatness. Please continue to pray for this nation and the work God has already begun. Pray for guidance for me as I navigate this new culture and find where I can best serve. 

The kingdom of Heaven is near!

Book suggestion: "Heaven is for Real" 
(great book in bringing us back to our childlike faith and/or wrestling through doubts)