Monday, April 11, 2011

Almost There...

51%...thats where I am in this whole support raising extravaganza. I need 9% more to go to training and I am still trying to get that by May. Let's break that down a little:
It could look like the following:
18 people committing to $25/month
9 people committing to $50/month
4 people committing to $100/month
2 people committing to $200/month
1 person (family) committing to $400/month (kinda extreme I know but I mean it could happen!)

These are just some tangible ways of looking at how I can raise that last 9% to go to training this summer.

My thoughts:
Oh, the joys, the fears, and the uncertainties of life.
To know the unknown, to fill the empty, to comfort the hurting, to mend the broken, and to bring joy to the disheartened. Who is this man that brings this to the banqueting table? Who is this man that calls us to feast and bask in his goodness? It is our Creator. Our Lord and Savior. The one they prophesied about, the Messiah. Now what do I give in return? My most valuable possessions? My respect? My attention? No, I give it all - my life. My life in the hands of the creator of life itself. What could possibly make more sense?