Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Home!

Here are some pics of my new home. (If you're like me, visuals are always needed.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AND...I'm Back.

Sorry for the long hiatus! Life has been crazy-busy BUT a very good crazy-busy!

Here's a bit of a recap over the past few months:

February = lots of snow + Karaoke w/International Students

Snowball Fight after Sunday morning worship...of course! 

I'm pretty sure I hit that guy with the snowball. 
(but I did know him...ha.)

Rachel! Love her.

The Karaoke crew + mine and Sydni's big singing debut.

March = New Home + International Students

I don't have pics of my new home yet but I will soon! However, God did provide a wonderful, centrally located house for me. I absolutely love it and it truly feels like "home".

At the end of March we went on a trip with the International students connected with our church to a place called "Bradwell-on-the-Sea". It was beautiful, quiet, and God was present.

April = Spring is in full bloom as well as spiritual life! 
+ Megan came to visit from Scotland!

(Castle Park)

Megan! Blessed to have such a great friend nearby :) 

At Assington where we have Barn Church on Sunday evenings. 

Dave Lasky with the killer football (soccer) tricks. 

Five People were baptized on Easter Sunday. What a great day to celebrate resurrected life! The baptisms included: an English lady with a colorful past, 13 year old twin brothers from the Congo seeking refuge in the U.K., a sixteen year old English guy from a strong Christian family, and a Chinese girl studying at the local University who had never heard about Jesus until she attended a small group to learn more about Christianity.

(Pictures are compliments of Nick and Sydni Brooke)

These are exciting times! 
God is at work and what a blessing it is to be involved! Please continue to pray for the ministry here and the lives God longs to transform, mine included.