Monday, May 2, 2011

Serving a God that is Able...More than Able.

Support Update:

It is Monday, May 2nd, and I am at 60%! 

God has faithfully provided what I need to attend 3 months of training this summer in Union Mills, North Carolina! God said, "Ask and you will receive." How often do we really and truly believe this and take him at his word? Do we really believe his word? If so, our lives should resemble that belief. This is conviction in its rawest form for me. 

It is exciting to serve a God who is to provide all our needs, able to exceed all expectations, able to surpass all human understanding, able to bring hope and restoration to a fallen, broken world. Let us continually remember and rejoice in this simple, yet astounding fact- God is able...more than able. Let us live out this belief in order to further God's redemptive work here, on earth, among the walking dead.

As for my next step, I am waiting for the official word to attend training this summer. Then I will plan to leave the first of June and return to Harrison the end of August to raise the remaining 40% of support I need in order to make the move to England.

I'm excited to see the continuous work of God in the coming days.